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The ChasquiNet E-Generator
With the emergence of new ICT based e-commerce and development orientated business tools, Entrepreneurs in the developing world for the first time are actually able to develop their enterprises using e-commerce solutions.
In order to appreciate the variety and magnitude of opportunities the solutions brings to businesses and entrepreneurs,  is worthwhile to envision some of the wide range of new business ideas that are available through e-commerce. For example, Entrepreneurs are able to create a virtual store for the migrants abroad to purchase goods from home. The entrepreneur may create a business development service for migrants planning to return and run up their own businesses at home. Migrants may market locally produced specialties to a global audience while others make it their business to act as local community business development champions. The possibilities are nearly endless and in time Entrepreneurs will develop completely new business applications of the new e-commerce tools available and in so doing create employment, wealth and personal and community economic development.
In order to ensure that the new opportunities are developed to their fullest extent, Fundacion ChasquiNet and its partners have created the E-commerce Business Generator for Developing Countries. (short: E-Generator) The main aim of the program is it to train, encourage and actively support entrepreneurs to create their businesses using the opportunities the new the new e-commerce solutions provide. These solutions provide a unique opportunity for Entrepreneurs   in developing countries to participate in e-commerce on a local, regional and global level.
The E-Generator will introduce the selected Entrepreneurs to the concepts of e-commerce and the tools available. The training is executed but highly qualified and experienced training organizations partnering in the program. During the primary training, Entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop their new business ideas and to present them in a 30 minutes presentation to a panel of e-business experts. The role of the panel is to assess the viability of the proposed businesses and to give recommendations to the entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs whose proposals have been accepted by the panel enter the next phase of the program. This phase has two main elements: Further personalized training according to the specific needs of the business concept they have proposed and which was accepted and creation of a plan of implementation for the new business. In this phase a mentor is assigned to each entrepreneur. At the end of this phase the Entrepreneur will have a full plan of implementation of his or her business. This plan of implementation will be presented to the E-Generator panel for evaluation, advice and support. If a plan of implementation has been deemed as viable and judged likely to become a success it will pass into the next phase, implementation. The Entrepreneurs task is now working together with the support of his/hers mentor and the E-Generator team to implement his or her business. The experiences and lessons learned will be documented and disseminated through the E-Generator www site which will also serve as the home of the E-Generator community.
Not only will the E-Generator program create a large number of E-commerce trained Entrepreneurs, 100 per program cycle is envisaged, but also a large number of new businesses with a high chance of success. The expectation is that 25% plus of entrepreneurs entering the program will create a successful business.
Sustainability of the E-Generator program shall be achieved mainly through direct contributions by the Entrepreneurs who created a successful business through the program. (10% of the profits made of each business over 5 years are expected). This should make the program sustainable after 2 program cycles or one year.
(full program details are available on request, please contact Klaus Stoll at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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