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Profile of Fundación ChasquiNet Trauma Literacy Program
ChasquiNet Trauma Literacy Program is a school-focused, skills-based, train-the-trainer resiliency program for Ecuador’s educators and communities offers:
  • Experiential and didactic train-the-trainer programs
  • Continuing online support and education
  • Ongoing multimodal consultation and help
  • Research and evaluation focused on building resiliency for educators and children, families and communities
Organization Description:
ChasquiNet is a team of professionals who promote the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for the improvement of living conditions in impoverished sectors. We work at local, national and international levels to promote social and economic policies to support sustainable human development. For more than a decade, ChasquiNet has delivered internet training and support to communities across Latin America. In the last four years, we have targeted teachers for internet education and online classroom support. Our programs have trained more than 17,600 teachers across Ecuador.  ChasquiNet is home to Escuelas Inter@ctivas and Communidad Educativa www.comunidadeducativa.net, expanding online educator communities. ChasquiNet’s web services currently include a resource center, chat groups, news alerts and video resources, plus the latest research and methodologies for classroom integration of on-line learning.  A prolife of ChasquiNet school based programs appears on page four.  In addition, our website provides a general profile of our education and other programs www.chasquinet.org.
Statement of Need:
In our work with educators in the largest cities and remotest villages, we have come to recognize the pervasive impact of trauma on communities and schools. High levels of poverty and violence are facts of daily life. This poses major obstacles to development of healthy children and families, schools and communities. In addition, economic hardships force many families to live far apart, separating children from parents and creating tension in communication and relationships.  These chronic stressors keep people and their communities stuck in survival mode, impeding opportunities for children to learn and for families and communities to thrive.
ChasquiNet understands that educational institutions form the hub of Ecuadoran society, connecting communities and families and social services. We’ve come to recognize that Trauma Literacy can provide a critical component now missing from Ecuador’s educational system.  Trauma Literacy will help Ecuador’s children achieve educational success by giving educators effective tools for understanding unresolved trauma, fostering effective classroom management and supporting resiliency. Trauma Literacy programs will be conducted through onsite train-the-trainer workshops and ongoing face-to-face and online support. Addressing root causes of violence, Trauma Literacy’s easy-to-learn skills will support families and foster stronger communities.

Trauma Literacy training will have a broad application, providing immediate and lasting impact on classroom management -- from child care centers through secondary schools. Teachers will gain skills to help children with high stress issues, including learning challenges. Teachers will learn tools for addressing aggressive behaviors, bullying and other discipline problems at the earliest stages, promoting a successful classroom learning environment.

Trauma literacy training will utilize and integrate ChasquiNet’s existing platforms and educational components in online learning components and support services for Trauma Literacy programs. ChasquiNet’s community will expand to include a Trauma Literacy resource and information center.
  • Train-the trainer programs;
  • Capacity building through information and communication technologies (ICT);
  • Support and consultation;
  • Online learning platform and educational components;
  • Educational help desk;
  • Community network connecting teachers and schools across Ecuador to ChasquiNet services.
Our long-term goal is to train groups of teachers in each school community throughout Ecuador. The specific number trained will depend on the size of the school community.  Teachers trained in Trauma Literacy will be selected from the 17,600 who have participated in other ChasquiNet program and are leading change in their school environments.  These teachers will form a critical mass that can immediately impact the school environment by providing Trauma Literacy training to teachers in their communities and providing per support backed by ChasquiNet’s online resources and ongoing support.

The Trauma Literacy program will begin with a pilot training of 50 - 100 teachers representing four to six Ecuador school communities.  At least two schools will be Quito based, and two will be located in rural communities. We will conduct a train-the-trainer program to these teachers, provide on-going support, and develop research and evaluation.  Each of these Trauma Literacy Teacher Training Teams will plan and conduct training for their colleagues, determine their school specific evaluation and research plans, and link directly to the overall program goals and objectives.  School progress will be evaluated throughout the academic year. The program will be modified and enhanced as needed.   The program will be expanded beyond the pilot pending evaluation and research results and funding availability.

ChasquiNet seeks funder support for Trauma Literacy’s training, research and online programs. These include:
  • One-week residential train-the-trainer workshops in cities and remote sites; phased with an initial pilot, thorough pilot evaluation and expansion across Ecuador.
  • Face-to-face follow up, quarterly review-and-practice and monthly online support for trainees;
  • Development of internet resources, based on ChasquiNet’s existing web platform;
  • Online resource center;
  • Classroom-skills consultation services;
  • Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and research to support implementation of classroom management skills.
The outcome of this project includes increased capacity for students to learn, improved communication, and healthier social environments across classrooms, schools and the communities they serve.
The intent of this project is to positively impact student learning effectiveness, promote stronger family connection, and provide teachers and students and their families, with life–long skills to promote resilience and well-being.  ChasquiNet is excited to leverage our current infrastructure and capacities to include this new program and focus. This program is a valuable expansion to our current programs and will support the stated outcomes, as well as support greater effectiveness of our current programs.  Please let us know if you have any questions or would like further information about this program or ChasquiNet.  We appreciate your consideration of this program for funding.
Karin Delgadillo
Founder and President of the Board
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Lilin Delgadillo Poepsel
Director Education & Human Development Programs
Ecuador Contact Information
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Address: Casilla Postal: 17-21-180, Quito, Ecuador

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