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Community Development
Information and Communication Technologies are today fundamental to the human development. In Ecuador, as in several regions of the World, high costs and a lack in infrastructure prevent communities to adopt the new technologies. To enable the access to the new technologies for all, ChasquiNet actively supports ... Read More
Communities struggle to fulfill their technological and economical needs. They do not only need connectivity, but they also need technical support, maintenance services, training, job creation and recycling to name some. At the same time, all these functions have to be self-sustaining ... Read More
Training people with disabilities in the use of technologies in order to support their integration into the labor market.
About 13%, (1´600. 000 people), of the Ecuadorian population lives with a disability. ChasquiNet aims to empower them through providing training on the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies with the goal to enable them to integrate themselves into the general labor market... Read More
ChasquiCrea Program
The ChasquiCrea Program is an initiative for the reconditioning and recycling of electronic devices. ChasquiCrea helps community based telecentres to be self sustainable and encourages training and learning. In addition it improves access to technology, promotes entrepreneurshipand reduces the accumulation of electronic waste... Read More
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