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Inter@ctive Schools
Inter@ctive Schools is a training program for teachers and students, created by ChasquiNet Foundation to promote human development through support in innovation within the educational system. Its methodology links four axes of work: personal development, Active School (which promotes applicable and active learning), the integration of family, school and community, along with the strategic use of ICT applied to the needs of education.

The Program executes integral training processes for educators (principals, teachers, students, leaders, and community managers). The participants act, after they completed their training, as resource persons in their educational institutions. In addition they also become community activist with the goal to implement community development.

In order to emphasize the use of technologies from a humanistic and communitarian perspective in this context, the educational community platform (http://www.comunidadeducativa.net) was created. Here, its members send and receive messages, have access to resources, publications and news from the field of education. In addition, there is a mailing list ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), which functions as a network of free exchange of experiences among teachers in Ecuador and Latin America.
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