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Information and Communication Technologies are today fundamental to the human development. In Ecuador, as in several regions of the World, high costs and a lack in infrastructure prevent communities to adopt the new technologies. To enable the access to the new technologies for all, ChasquiNet actively supports the implementation of community based telecentres.

Community based telecentres are meeting points, where the community can fulfill their needs through the strategic use of the ICT’s. Telecenters promote community and individual development through, for example, the support of microenterprises, employment, education, culture and the general access to information. They support also spaces for citizen participation, and enable them to engage with and participate in e-Government services.

The Foundation created and is a member of the somos@telecentros Network. somos@telecentros is a lively exchange network between telecentres in Latin America and the Caribbean. With its vision: “one is none, together we make the difference”, this network is an important space of knowledge interchange. This is achieved through sharing resources, learning experiences and joint projects that strengthen the community development and telecentres.
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