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ChasquiCrea Program
The ChasquiCrea Program is an initiative for the reconditioning and recycling of electronic devices. ChasquiCrea helps community based telecentres to be self sustainable and encourages training and learning. In addition it improves access to technology, promotes entrepreneurship and reduces the accumulation of electronic waste

The Program has its origins in the Student Brigades of Inter@ctive Schools Program.  The Student Brigades are groups of volunteer students who apply the strategic use of ICT within their schools and communities. ChasquiCrea receives donations of used equipment and processes it with the collaboration of volunteers. The reconditioned computers reach beneficiaries for re-use, recycling or alternative use in art, education, etc. Fundacion ChasquiNet ensures that the receiving institution also will have training and ongoing support to guarantee the proper use of the equipment.

The ChasquiCrea Program has the Certificate of Artisan Environmental Management of Waste, No. 561-rag, granted by the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito. Additionally, the program advises without cost on the purchase and maintenance of equipment, and guides on the strategic use of ICT for integral development and conducts training. Thus, environmental care, education, creativity, sustainable development, and an approach of responsible consumption are the elements that are united in ChasquiCrea.
Contact: Francisco Liut
Program Coordinator ChasquiCrea
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Environmental Manager
No. 561-RAG
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