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Training people with disabilities in the use of technologies in order to support their integration into the labor market
About 13%, (1´600. 000 people), of the Ecuadorian population lives with a disability. ChasquiNet aims to empower them through providing training on the strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies with the goal to enable them to integrate themselves into the general labor market

Disabled people need access to training, equipment and resources for their personal development in order to develop and access their full potential. There are however very few places where they can access such training. For this reason community based telecentres have been used and now play a strategic role in the training of people with disabilities.

In order to achieve effective social integration for people with disabilities, ChasquiNet has created a program that enables them to acquire the necessary computer literacy that is needed to participate in the labor market.

The Program also allows people with disabilities to reinforce their self-esteem and to strengthen their social interactions and integration. They receive psychomotor rehabilitation and learn to strategically use technologies in order to obtain jobs, to develop the skills necessary for teleworking and entrepreneurship. In addition, the initiative promotes the social integration of the differently enabled by supporting them to exercise their rights as citizens.

A methodology for work inclusion, which takes into account each different type of disability and the support of partner enterprises, rounds up the Program. In addition, a network for the management of knowledge, resources and experiences on the subject is under construction.
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