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Trauma healing literacy
Trauma Healing Literacy training trainers program for grassroots communities in Ecuador
One of the biggest challenges that ChasquiNet has been facing working with impoverished sectors and grassroots communities is that most of the population is in survival mode. That means that people are thinking not to have a computer but how I am going to bring food to the table in this present moment, not tomorrow but today. After being 10 years in the field the statistics has not change as a result of the survival mode.

The frequency of violence in Ecuador is reported to be higher than any other Latin American Country as well as domestic violence, sexual abuse, children abuse among others. In all our programs we identified the survival mode that our communities are facing and unresolved trauma (as the direct result of violence), which is the main obstacle to work, live and create communities. Trauma lowers the quality of life and stops the communities to cocreate with passion and change the statistics product of violence. Therefore, Trauma healing is understood as a cross cutting tool in Human Development Program and all the Projects that ChasquiNet is working with so we can influence.

Despite the persistence of violence and trauma in the Country, what inspired us is that it does not exists no organized focus on the subject, no understanding of the individual and collective impact of trauma & culture and no knowledge of what it takes to heal and return to resilience. The only viable and sustainable response to the problems inside our projects and communities, which is a strong demand presented, is to develop a training based network of trainers focused on trauma healing and support for individuals and communities in Ecuador, so we can make a change and work towards our goals and principles that ChasquiNet is advocating.

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