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Creativity for social change
Creativity for Social Change is a knowledge transfer initiative among people from communities that are using various forms of creative expression to foster human and community development. The aim of the initiative is to enable and support artistic and creative expression along with cultural exchange in support of integral human development for conflict resolution and peace building. A key focus includes establishing equal access to the economic flow, fulfillment of the capacities of individuals in their own communities, support of place-based culture, and fostering social justice.

The initiative works to achieve its aim through social constructivist actions, such as organizing exchanges between many sectors including indigenous groups, North and South, impoverished sectors, street kids, empowering women in grassroots communities, through experiential training workshops, creating knowledge exchange channels among communities around the world, developing creative tools for social transformation, establishing community based resource centers and tools for conflict resolution, and providing broad access to trading channels.

The project will provide a virtual space for fundraising worldwide offering a way to connect people across the globe that have belief and interest in peace-making through creative expression and tools. This virtual space will also serve as a hub to provide resources to impoverished communities who are in the process of healing and growth and will serve as a meeting point for creative expression and artists around the world who believes that by coming together and focusing our efforts in a co-creative process, we can make a positive change for individuals, communities, regions, and beyond.

The project is financed through grants and donations, and through artists participation in the projects. Artists agree to donate a percentage of their art sales to the project and promote this project and donation requests across their network of supporters.

Creativity offers an important link and tool for healing trauma at individual and community levels. In a globalized world, creativity is the basis for communication, access to information and knowledge sharing in achieving human, healing, and community development. Our approach reflects integral human development including strengthening democracy with social justice, fostering economic prosperity with equity, and realizing the human potential in all its dimensions by supporting people in their communities in strengthening their own culture. The final result of the project will contribute to the healing of traumatized communities and individuals, tools for conflict resolution and peacemaking and products that will achieve integral human development and social constructivism in the communities.
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