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Personal Development
Coaching for education
ChasquiNet, in its Inter@ctive School program, uses Coaching focused on education. One way to attain an individual potential is Coaching. Coaching is a tool for self-discovery, whereby growth is achieved through the empowering of the self, the potentiating of the skills and the creation of a way of living with clear objectives, values and guides... Read More
Creativity for social change
Creativity for Social Change is a knowledge transfer initiative among people from communities that are using various forms of creative expression to foster human and community development. The aim of the initiative is to enable and support artistic and creative expression along with cultural exchange in support of integral human development for conflict resolution and peace building. A key focus includes establishing equal access to the economic flow, fulfillment of the capacities of individuals in their own communities, support of place-based culture, and fostering social justice... Read More
One of the biggest challenges that ChasquiNet has been facing working with impoverished sectors and grassroots communities is that most of the population is in survival mode. That means that people are thinking not to have a computer but how I am going to bring food to the table in this present moment, not tomorrow but today... Read More
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