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Escuelas Inter@ctivas (Interactive Schools)
The Interactive schools are a highly successful educational program for teachers and students that integrates personal development with a pro-active classroom pedagogy. Furthermore it links school, family and community they live in with a hands on outcome oriented use of ICTs. www.comunidadeducativa.net
somos@telecentros Network (Red somos@telecentros)
This international network of Telecenters is build upon the sharing of knowledge, experiences, resources, research results, news, stories and testimonies. www.tele-centros.org
Providing Work for people with disabilities
Professional training strategies that use ICT’s are used to provide employment and social inclusion opportunities for disabled people.
alerTC.net AlerTC
Is a communities based network with the go to alert to, prevent and manage natural disasters using community-based Telecenters. www.alertc.net
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