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Communities are deeply affected by globalization and the spread and development of the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). There are many examples of how communities are making strategic use of the new technologies in order to achieve personal and community development. At the same time these communities have no part and voice in the governmental and institutional decision making processes such as ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), The Internet Governance Forum and governmental agencies.

ChasquiNet is informing the communities about their rights and the developments that affect them and, at the same time, facilitates the participation of these community in the decision making process. ChasquiNet advocacy role is not restricted to the new technologies but includes all areas that affect communities and individuals such as education, communitarian development policies, the inclusion of people with disabilities, the information interchange, job implementation, sustainable economy, the creation of capacities with a focus on integral human development, environmental care, among others.

ChasquiNet invites advocacy groups to use the logistical channels and contacts that the Foundation has developed over many years to get their message to the grassroots in an appropriate and sensible way. The Foundation recognizes that, in the Globalization era, ICT policy reforms are crucial so that the communities can benefit from it. Education and the free access and the strategic uses of Technology should be a human right. In order to achieve this objective, we believe in alliances to integrate voices in the police making arena.

Chasquinet has developed policy making tools in the regional level, and we work in the regional level with somos@telecentros and international stakeholders like ICANN among others.

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