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ChasquiNet Foundation
About Us
ChasquiNet is a nonprofit foundation based in Quito Ecuador, that since 1998, implements and coordinates actions that strengthen human and social development in Ecuador and beyond. We are a team that implements programs and advocacy projects through the strategic use of ICT in areas such as education, community access and management centers (telecentres), economical development and sustainability, and knowledge management networks to name just some.

The name of ChasquiNet is inspired by the Chasquis, the Inca messenger who ran from settlement to settlement in order to transport information and goods from one place to another. The Foundation connects the modern Chasquis through various topic based interactive networks of mutual support and knowledge sharing.
Our Mission
ChasquiNet Foudation promotes the strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all areas of action that support community, social and educational development processes (on a local, regional and international level). The organization also focuses on public policies processes that are aimed towards human and sustainable development.
Our Goals
Generate and maintain spaces to discuss the human right of communication and information.
Facilitate the articulation of social dynamics, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.
Train on the strategic use of ICT in the social sectors and grassroots communities.
Contribute to the use and appropriation of ICTs in education, community development, economic growth and other fronts that support the integral human development.
Democratize the access to information through the identification of needs and assessment of the strengths, projects and characteristics of the communities.
Collaborate on building and guiding communities and participatory, proactive and shared learning networks which contribute to the local, regional, and global development.
Support the development of multi sector partnerships which are based on common values and the creation of win/win situations.
Our Skills
Conception, development, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of participatory social and sustainable projects.
Implementation of a methodology in action that joins a "learning by doing" approach, collaborative work and a performance based on demands and needs.
Development and implementation of replicable training models about the strategic use of ICT in all social contexts and different fields of knowledge.
Creation, moderation, administration, facilitation and follow-up of communication processes, network management and exchange and knowledge communities.
Promotion and monitoring of strategic multi sector alliances.
Building of contextualized educational and communicational products (printed and multimedia).
Development of resource centers for learning, interactive consultations, strengthening of community dynamics and formation of support circles.
Creation and application of conflict resolution methodologies for the training of leaders engaged to the integral human development.
Application of personal transformation methodologies for potential development and capacity building.
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