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Coaching for education
ChasquiNet, in its Inter@ctive School program, uses Coaching focused on education. One way to attain an individuals potential is Coaching. Coaching is a tool for self-discovery, whereby growth is achieved through the empowering of the self, the potentiating of the skills and the creation of a way of living with clear objectives, values and guides.

Coaching is also a tool for the communities to promote a new vision of the educational system, with clear and specific objectives and they are able to identify needs, discover potentials, and build the skills needed to achieve their goals. In this way, students, teachers and parents, are part of the Active School, a living community that makes decisions and takes responsibilities.

For the student, Coaching leads to not only create the individuals project of life (whose results are reflected in the familiar, social and educational environments), but also gives guidelines for the creation of study habits, the developing of new skills, the effective communication and the establishment of better human relations.

Coaching focused on education is integrated with the respective families (family coaching improves the relationships and communication within the home and also supports the school processes); with students, -allowing them to know themselves in order to create skills to manage their interactions (social and personal), and to implement their projects-. Finally, Coaching is a component of the whole educational structure (Classroom Coaching), which prepares educators to guide the student. These three important protagonists, family, student and teacher, need to be aligned to ensure the integrity and integration of learning through the Coaching process.
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