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ChasquiNet Foundation
ChasquiNet Foundation is a non profit organization based in Quito (Ecuador), that develops strategic alliances with Governments, Private Sector, Social Sector and Development Cooperation Agencies, in order to create and implement policies, and to create projects that support the integral and equal development of vulnerable sectors. Its main areas of work are education, community development, personal development and advocacy. Read More.
ChasquiNet Foundation is executing training programs and educational exchanges with emphasis on ICT's, called Inter@ctive Schools. So far the program has reached over 17000 teachers and more than 1500 Ecuadorian institutions. Currently the program is expanded to other countries in the region and beyond.Read More
Community Development
During its 11 years, the Foundation has supported the implementation of numerous community development centers and projects which use ICT in a strategic way in order to achieve community and individual development, strengthen local bonds, create international relations and to expand economical, political an social opportunities Read More
Personal Development
In the context of individual and group capacity creation, and the strengthening of human capital for development, ChasquiNet Foundation implements tools and methodologies for individual growth, which positively influences the community’s environment. Read More
To exchange knowledge, experiences, resources, lessons learned, news, stories and experiences, between individuals and with the communities, ChasquiNet manages and supports various virtual networks on a local, regional and international level. The aim is to overcome communication barriers and to create spaces that contribute towards a world of human solidarity in which the actors of social development and the communities can make their voices heard and improve the quality of their lives. Read More
ChasquiNet is working at the intersection between the Internet Community Governance and the grassroots communities. They receive the support from the Foundation in order to make their voices heard and to provide them with the tools that help them to fulfill their development needs. Read More
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